Alchemy API

Enterprise Grade API for Ethereum

Jumpstart your Ethereum development with Alchemy!
Instead of running your own nodes and building your own architecture,
just plug into our API and get back to focusing on developing
your application.

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Getting Started

Using Alchemy is simple, whether you are switch from existing infrastructure,
or starting a brand new project. We make blockchain development easier!


1. Create an Alchemy key from the dashboard


2. Make a request


3. Set up Alchemy as your client


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interactive connectionSupport

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interactive connectionEnhanced APIs

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interactive connectionError Reference

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interactive connectionAPI Reference

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interactive connectionRate Limits

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interactive connectionSmart Web Sockets

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Enhanced APIs

Get set up to use the Alchemy API in less than five minutes. Learn how to get and use your API key,
start making requests, and set up your application to use Alchemy's endpoints.

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Token Metadata

This is an Alchemy smart method that returns the following metadata for a given token contract address in a single call: Name, Symbol, Decimals, Logo

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Smart WebSocket

WebSocket connections are ephemeral by nature, which makes it necessary for clients to engineer non-trivial mechanisms around reconnects and backfills of missed events.

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Token Balance

This is an Alchemy smart method that returns token balances for an address given a list of contract addresses.

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Trace API

Alchemy provides access to Parity's trace module, which allows for deeper insight into transaction processing.
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Token Allowance

This is an Alchemy smart method that returns the amount of tokens the spender is allowed to withdraw from the owner.

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Debug API

In the same vein as Parity's trace module, Alchemy currently exposes debug_traceTransaction for debugging on networks running on Geth (Rinkeby, Goerli).

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Alchemy Web3

Alchemy Web3 is a drop-in replacement for web3.js, built and configured to work seamlessly with Alchemy and provide multiple advantages such as automatic retries and robust WebSocket support.

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Revert Reason

The dashboard boosts developer productivity by conveniently extracting and decoding the data from an invalid eth_call and displaying the readable error message (as well as the raw response) in the Invalid Requests table of each app's page.

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