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Error Reference

Alchemy API Errors

In addition to the standard Ethereum JSON-RPC error codes, the Alchemy API will return the following error codes:

Alchemy API Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
400 Bad Request -- Your request is invalid. Double-check your JSON-RPC body
401 Unauthorized -- You must authenticate your request with an API key. Contact us to request one!
429 Too Many Requests -- You've hit your rate limit. Contact us if you require a higher rate limit.
500 Internal Server Error -- We're unable to process your request right now. Get in touch with us if you see this.

Example Response

// Example 401 Error
{"error": "Must be authenticated!"}


For JSON-RPC specific errors, the Alchemy API returns a 200 with the JSON-RPC error in the JSON response.

Standard JSON-RPC Error Codes

Code Possible Return message Description
-32700 Parse error Invalid JSON was received by the server. An error occurred on the server while parsing the JSON text.
-32600 Invalid Request The JSON sent is not a valid Request object.
-32601 Method not found The method does not exist / is not available.
-32602 Invalid params Invalid method parameter(s).
-32603 Internal error Internal JSON-RPC error.
-32000 to -32099 Server error Reserved for implementation-defined server-errors.

Example Response

        "message": "Invalid params: invalid length 63, expected a 0x-prefixed, padded, hex-encoded hash with length 64."

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Error Reference

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