🦸🏻 Alchemy Supernode

Alchemy Supernode is an infrastructure engine for blockchain development.

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1. πŸ‘ Reliability

  • 99.9% Reliability

  • Peak reliability node services

  • 100% Data Correctness

  • Dynamic Scalability

  • 3x+ More Performant

2. ⚑ Extended Capabilities

  • Instant On (no setup or sync times)

  • Instant Testnets

  • Advanced querying capabilities

  • Enhanced API

  • Real-time state consistency

3. βœ” Easy to Use

  • One-line infrastructure API

  • 1,000+ engineering hours saved per year

β€‹πŸ˜« Problem: Nodes are hard

  • On average teams spend 27% of engineering headcount managing node infrastructure

  • Nodes on average have issues once every 5 days. These include but are not limited to:

    • CPU spikes, memory leaks, disk issues

    • Inconsistent peering

    • Corrupted internal databases

    • Transaction broadcasting issues

    • Frequent bugs and regressions

    • 1 in 6 β€œstable releases” are broken

  • Nodes take up to two months to sync up which can result in weeks of customer downtime

  • Customer trust is paramount, one mistake can destroy reputation

    • Traditional web applications scale up by running countless, indistinguishable servers managed by a load balancer.

    • With blockchain, applications can't treat nodes indistinguishably because nodes are stateful.

    • Running countless nodes will return inconsistent state in real-time, causing totally unexpected errors that crash applications and ruin user experience.

    • Without a new approach to infrastructure design, developers are forced to choose between state consistency and scale.

β€‹πŸ˜ƒ Solution: Alchemy Supernode

Alchemy Supernode is a new kind of infrastructure for decentralized applications with the following benefits:

  • Maintains real-time state consistency with a block number consensus algorithm and node service coordinating function.

  • Delivers peak availability node services with distributed systems dedicated to every piece of node functionality.

  • Allows developers to run block and transaction requests, smart contract event logs and virtual mempool. Plus, WebSocket integrations that scale.

  • One-line infrastructure API that not only does all the jobs of a single node, but also comes with the uptime, availability, and necessities to run a production application.